Profound in flavor, our barista offers a variety of Hot & Cold beverages to give you a rich taste, specializing in freshly blended Smoothies, Chocolate Shakes, Juices and Coffees.

SHAKES                                                                                                                                6,000/-
Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Ferrero Rocher/ Flake/ Maltesers/ Oreo/ Snickers.

COFFEES                                                                                                                               5,000/-
Cappuccino/ Caffé  Latte/ Caffé Mocha/ Iced Coffee/ Frappuccino/ Kahawa/ Espresso.

JUICES                                                                                                                                   5,000/-
Avocado/ Kiwi/ Kungu (Almond Fruit)/ Mango/ Orange/ Strawberry/ Watermelon.

TEAS                                                                                                                                      2,500/-
Black/ White/ Ginger Lemon/ Mint/ Peach.

HOT CHOC                                                                                                                           5,000/-
Chocolate/ Flake/ Nutella.

SMOOTHIES                                                                                                                         6,000/-
Wake-UP/ Carb-O-Nator/ Blueberry Heaven.